Your First Acupuncture Treatment

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At AcuBliss Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine in Boulder, CO, there is no compromise when it comes to providing the very best treatments for you. We make it our priority to provide the best care for our patients while on their journey toward optimum health.

If you’ve never received an acupuncture treatment before, you can relax knowing Amorette has an exceptionally light technique, which allows for virtually pain-free treatments. In addition, the office and treatment room provide a comforting and welcoming experience with compassionate care.

# What to Expect

During your first initial consultation, Amorette LaFranchi, L.Ac., will discuss your chief complaint in detail. This information will give Amorette the information necessary to provide the best possible treatment plan to fit your individual health goals.

You will then have a full hour acupuncture treatment following the half-hour initial intake. This is the time to take it all in and relax!


# Pre-Treatment Tips

Be sure to eat a small snack an hour before your treatment and come dressed in comfortable clothing. You may also save time by printing out your patients forms ahead of time. Follow the links to the right to view the necessary forms.